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About Pesty Apparel

getPesty is a lifestyle. A collective worldview that acknowledges we are different but equal. This past year has been hard on everyone across the globe. During the pandemic we set out to launch a consumer product that celebrates our differences in a sustainable and ethical way. It's why all our hats are made from 100% recycled materials (exclusive of trims) and 100% organic cotton. It's why we have partnered with Fair Trade USA to give back a portion of the profits to support workers in developing economies.
It’s simple really, we saw a ton of basic trucker hats at all the pools. We realized there’s a playful spirit and unifying message missing in the hat industry and decided to do something about it. 
While visiting the Lake of the Ozarks, a few retro car dealership promotional hats we found buried in the boat cabin inspired us to getPesty while at various pool bars. The fan favorite “Pontiac” hat adorned with bright neon green lettering, gave off the perfect Miami Vice, competitive, racing energy vibes that most athletes and music lovers embody: a competitive “no holds barred” spirit! 
getPesty hats embody these themes and the playful spirit of the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. Simply put, getPesty is a piece of the past pressing hard into the future of fashion.
The term “getPesty” is actually a call to arms to live your best life and push the limits with your individualistic passions. “getPesty” is a collective worldview that acknowledges we are different but equal. “getPesty” is a reminder that people want to take part in something greater than themselves: some sort of community! 
How is it defined?
  • Pesty (adverb) with commitment, with passion, with determination. 
  • Pesting, Pest (verb) means to hone in on something, to commit fully, to take your drive to the next level, to dial in the focus. Pesting is a natural human tendency that all humans share. 
  • Pest (noun) the person getting pesty on the sport, hobby, quality, characteristic that he or she is passionate about or exudes excitement and interest for.
Ever persevere? Ever remain persistent in the eyes of failure? Ever attempt to face your fear? It’s human nature to “pest” on something. Everyone has their own unique passions, characteristics, ticks, quirks, values, and goals. That’s what makes us all human! 
To be passionate. To strive for excellence. To take the pesty-ness (skill set) to the next level. To commit fully without turning back. To disagree with other pests yet appreciate our differences. 
We’re just putting a name to a natural human instinct: getPesty. We are confident that people want to take part in something greater than themselves in a community. getPesty provides this opportunity by offering entertaining pesty products while minimizing their environmental impact.

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